Reasons Why You Should Get Burial Insurance In 2020

Reasons Why You Should Get Burial Insurance In 2020

COVID-19, murder hornets, an active hurricane season, and civil unrest are just some of the things that have come along with 2020. With so much going on in the United States these days, who hasn't let the thought of passing away cross their mind? people are beginning to understand that they are susceptible to some diseases that claim lives. They also realize that natural disasters like earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes can lead to the same outcome.

Even everyday tasks such as driving and bicycling can prove to be dangerous when crashes occur. Many times, the incidents produce minor injuries, but, on other occasions, significant damages cause individuals to lose their lives. The point is that there have always been plenty of things that take people away before their time. However, it does seem like there is more going on today, and citizens are thinking about what they can do to make sure their loved ones do not incur financial hardships because of their passing. 

residents who fall into such category should not fret. Burial insurance, also commonly called final expense insurance or funeral insurance, could be the solution that they seek. People go with this option for a lot of reasons. Several of them will be discussed in the following sections. Hence, curious parties should read further to learn more.

No Medical Exam

Most insurers do not require burial insurance applicants to pass medical exams. That is not always the case with standard life insurance policies. Instead, you usually only have to answer some preliminary questions to qualify. Thus, many individuals go this route when they have preexisting conditions. If for nothing else, it’s a good idea to get a burial insurance policy in 2020 because of the easy qualification process. 

Coverage Up To $25,000

Our organization has plans available up to $25,000. After the policyholder passes away, the policy's beneficiary will receive the allotted payout. The funds eliminate financial issues as they can be used to pay off medical bills, credit card debt, or mortgages. They are also useful for covering funeral expenses, which can quickly run upward of $7,000 in the United States. Beneficiaries do not have to spend the money in those ways, though; they can use it how they see fit. So give our office a call to discuss your options today. 

Affordable Policies To Accommodate All Budgets

A burial insurance policy that a person cannot afford won't do them much good. If they can't make their payments, be they monthly or quarterly, the coverage can lapse. We have affordable policies to accommodate all budgets. Consumers shouldn't have to break the bank just to obtain final expense insurance. You can choose between two options with our company: simplified issue and guaranteed issue. The terms sound more complicated than the policies themselves, so don't let them throw your mind for a loop. Our representative will explain everything to you when you call us. 

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