What Seniors Need To Know About Burial Insurance

What Seniors Need To Know About Burial Insurance

You open your mail and see the invitation for your 50th class reunion. Wow, seems like you only graduated a few years ago. You still feel vital, healthy and able to take care of yourself. The kids are grown and independent. Even if you do not feel like a senior citizen, it is still important you take care of business. Included in that business is paying for your funeral. Burial insurance or final expense insurance is a great insurance option for seniors as well as those who wish to save their family the financial issues to provide you with a proper send off.

Plans for burial insurance range from about $18 to $286, for seniors depending on your age, sex (fact: women live longer) overall health and how much coverage you want.


Planning for your Burial


Burial insurance should be part of every senior’s planning. Remember, life insurance is to provide for your family when you are gone. Burial insurance is to cover your final costs. A funeral and burial or cremation can be expensive and place a huge financial burden on your loved ones. Remember, they want you to have the best and are vulnerable in their grief and loss. You will want to make it easier for them so take some time to make your end of live plans which should include:


  • Updating your will (or making sure you have one)
  • Updating or adding beneficiaries, power of attorney or conservator of your financial accounts
  • Transferring ownership of property or assets, such as your home, car, boat, etc
  • Make sure your medical directives are up to date


Types of Burial Insurance Coverage


There are basically two main forms of burial insurance, They are known as standard and pre-need. Both are invaluable tools for your loved ones to pay for your funeral and related costs for your final expenses. The difference is in how the funds are dispersed.


  1. Standard Burial insurance:


In , burial insurance is a form of whole life insurance the beneficiary you choose receives the funds upon your passing once the life insurance claim is approved. This money can then be used for all of your final arrangement including:

  • Memorial service
  • Funeral
  • Burial or cremation
  • Casket
  • Urn
  • Cemetery plot
  • Vault
  • Headstone


Since your beneficiary receives the benefits they can utilize any funeral home in ((blog.city/state). They also have the option of paying off any outstanding bills you have.


  1. Pre-need Burial insurance:


The best thing about pre-need burial insurance is it takes the guesswork out of your final plans. With a pre-need policy, you work with a funeral home and funeral director ahead of time and decide on what you want for your funeral plans. Not only have you made the decisions, the service has been paid for. Your pre-need insurance pays for the costs and there is not a lot of planning left. This will make it easier for your family, who do not have to be grieving and arguing with siblings with what “mom” or “dad” would have wanted.


So, go. Enjoy that class reunion and reconnect with your old classmates, but before you do, review our website at https://burialinsurancenetwork.com and call the insurance brokers at Total Insurance Solutions to help you set up a plan for your final expenses. We are not limited to one company and can provide you with standard or pre-need burial insurance with a premium you can afford. We will find you the best coverage at the best rate.