Getting Burial Insurance For Your Parents

Getting Burial Insurance For Your Parents

Your parents have protected and taken care of you for years, and it’s difficult to think of the time when they are no longer there. However, if you and your siblings will be bearing the weight of their funeral expenses, having burial insurance in , will protect all of you financially, especially if you’re dealing with your own finances.


According to the National Funeral Directors Association, an average funeral in the US costs over $8,800. Adding in expenses for the cemetery and a headstone can put you up to a total of approximately $10,000. Not only that, but your parents’ medical debts might also fall onto you.


Purchasing burial insurance for your parents is a way to grieve without having to think of financial issues.


Can I Purchase Burial Insurance For My Parents?


This is a question a lot of people don’t know the answer to. The answer is yes. In fact, buying burial insurance for parents is more common than you think. This is because many don’t want to deal with their parents’ final expenses themselves.


It’s painful to think about it, but the passing of your parents will happen. Being proactive about their burial insurance will allow you to breathe easily as you don’t have to worry about having adequate funds for all the services you will eventually need.


Burial insurance covers the cost of funerals or cremation and other related expenses once your loved ones pass away. It is a type of life insurance, but there are many differences between both.


How Do I Talk To My Parents About This?


You may be tempted to buy burial insurance in , for your parents without discussing it with them first. It’s a touchy subject, but it’s important to deal with this to give your parents a proper send-off once the time comes.


Ask for their personal wishes. Experts recommend following the 40/70 rule. By the time you are 40 and they are in their 70s, discuss their final arrangements with them.


Here are questions to help you out:


  • Do they have a specific kind of funeral in mind?
  • Do they want to be buried or cremated?
  • Where would they like the funeral to be held, and where would they like to be buried?
  • What kind of insurance do they need?


Tips For Talking About Burial Insurance With Your Parents


As disturbing as it is for you to face your parents’ deaths, it might just be more difficult for them. They might need time to digest the information you will give them. In such cases, it’s important to find the right moment to talk about their funerals.


Be sensitive. Imagine the emotions you would have if your children talked to you about buying burial insurance. When talking about touchy subjects such as this, be thoughtful of their feelings, even if they’re comfortable with planning for their deaths. There should be no pressure or judgment during the discussion.


Ask your siblings to help out, and keep them informed. Get everyone involved as much as possible. If you have sisters and brothers, ask them to pitch in to cover the monthly or annual burial insurance premium. Should you be paying for it on your own, let your siblings know what’s going on to avoid any family conflicts.


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