10 Reasons We Are Afraid To Talk About Death

10 Reasons We Are Afraid To Talk About Death

Fear of death is a common form of anxiety associated with a myriad of phobias, and it remains a taboo for many people, including those in , . This fear subsequently leads to a fear of talking about the issue. But are we afraid to talk about death? In this article, we will discuss 10 possible reasons.


  1. We think talking about death is wrong.


A lot of people in and around the world think that death is something negative as opposed to something that’s a natural part of life. Therefore, they refuse to talk about it and opt to discuss more positive matters.


  1. We fear losing someone.


Each person has loved ones, and not only do we fear losing them, we are also afraid of talking about their eventual passing. What’s worse is when we think that if we mention “death” in the same sentence as a person we care about, we are jinxing them.


  1. We don’t like being judged.


When we do gather the courage to broach the subject of death, we are met with disgust by people around us. Chances are they balk at the notion of dying and talking about dying, which can prevent us from exploring the subject further.


  1. We don’t want to upset others.


The fear of death varies among cultures. In and the rest of the United States, we tend to drop the subject when others are uncomfortable with it out of respect and out of our own discomfort.


  1. We don’t know whom we can trust.


When it comes to the grim topic of getting sick and being closer to death as a result, not a lot of people are interested. If you want to discuss it more seriously, people who can be trusted with your deepest fears and secrets are even harder to find.


  1. We leave it to the experts.


Since there aren’t a lot of people we can trust, we leave the topic of death to the experts. Doctors, morticians, and even religious leaders are used to talking about it. We sometimes fail to realize that we too are free to talk about death.


  1. We fear our own mortality.


Deep inside, all human beings are aware that they will eventually meet their demise, and yet we are afraid to acknowledge that it can happen to us at any moment. This denial makes us think that maybe death can happen to others but not to us.


  1. We have guilt or shame.


As imperfect beings, we don’t lead perfect lives. All of us have shortcomings and mishaps from the past that we are not proud of. Sometimes, we do things to others that we wish to make up for, and bringing up the possibility of dying can feel like betrayal if what is owed has not been paid.


  1. We have unfinished business.


All of us carry flaws that we are working to fix. We feel that we need longer lives to address our issues, so we are not going to talk about death as soon as we are not yet done accomplishing our goals.


  1. We are in denial.


Most of us simply can’t face death. When the moment of reckoning arrives, many of us are unable to accept our fate. When we do talk about it, it tends to be too little, too late.


Talk To An Expert


Whatever the reasons stopping us from bringing up death, we absolutely need to talk about it at some point. Death anxiety can be unhealthy, and opening up about the issue allows you to get to the roots of your fear. Doing so also allows you to plan and prepare for your future and that of your loved ones, and Total Insurance Solutions can shed light on how you can achieve that. Visit https://burialinsurancenetwork.com today to learn more about what we can do for you.