Its Always Better To Be Prepared

Its Always Better To Be Prepared

Life here in , and throughout the country has irrevocably changed because of the COVID-19 virus. It is a new disease, never before encountered by humans, and thus we have no immunity to it. The result is an officially designated global pandemic that has had immense repercussions on the way we live.

Tragically, it has also reminded many residents of , that we are neither indestructible nor immortal. And it may not be an act of violence or an unforeseen accident that brings an end to life, but getting sick and not being able to fight off a new disease.

So while there is never a great time to think about preparing for death, and what happens to the loved one left behind, this may now be an appropriate time to consider things like burial insurance.

What Is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance, also sometimes referred to as “Final Expense Insurance,” is an insurance policy that only comes into play for one expenditure, and that is funeral arrangements. When someone with a burial insurance policy passes away, there is a payment to the funeral services to accommodate all the final considerations, such as coffin payment, cremation services, and others.

As the name suggests, burial insurance can only be put towards funeral expenses. It is not like life insurance, which is a “generic” policy in that once the payment is released, the beneficiaries can use it at their discretion for any purpose. Getting burial insurance is one way to get some peace of mind knowing that at least one expense after passing away, has been taken care of.

Why Get Burial Insurance?

There are two important reasons to think about investing in burial insurance. The first and most important is that funerals aren’t free, and many people grossly underestimate the expense. The cost of an average funeral in America today runs several thousand dollars. That goes up dramatically for more elaborate needs, such as premium coffins, or elaborate funeral services. Without burial insurance, this is a cost that surviving loved ones will have to bear.

The second, perhaps more important reason, is protecting loved ones during a traumatic time. The loss of a family member is always a difficult, emotionally vulnerable period. The grieving process is not a good time for administrative or bureaucratic thinking. Still, without burial insurance, this type of activity is required of surviving family members at the worst possible time. It’s even possible to coordinate burial insurance with funeral planning ahead of time, so even the unwelcome burden of funeral arrangements is taken off the shoulders of your loved ones.

Is Burial Insurance Hard To Get?

Unlike other insurance policies, such as life insurance, burial insurance does not require an extensive medical exam. Because the amounts for burial insurance are not as “high stakes” as life insurance policies can be, getting accepted for a burial insurance application is far less complicated.

If you live in , , and are interested in getting burial insurance for yourself, or want to discuss it with a loved one, we can help. Contact The Burial Insurance Network, and we can discuss your needs and find the right policy.